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202110211652168929.PngThe E-Flying Area, organized in co-operation with Flying Pages GmbH, will be a major section at AERO ASIA. As in other industries, electrical mobility continues to gain in importance in the aviation sector as well. The 'e' in e-flight stands for ecological, electrical, evolutionary to promote ecological sustainability and progress in aviation.

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When AERO Friedrichshafen started the e-flight-expo in 2009 it was the world’s first show for electrical Aircraft. For the upcoming AERO ASIA, the E-Flying Area will be focused on innovations, recruitment and creating social acceptance.

Additional an impressing conference program brings exceptional keynote speakers to Zhuhai who give an insight in the future of aviation.

Since the first e-flight Expo in Friedrichshafen, smart phones, 4G & 5G network, consumer drones, electric cars, auto drive, air quality, extreme weather and connected mobility solutions have become prevailing commercial products and social subjects around the world. Propelled by these technologies and the associated changing mindset of the market and the society, electric aviation has been evolving from “impossible” into “inevitable”.