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Ticket Introduction

Tickets of AERO ASIA 2023 includes three categories: Standard ticket, Concession ticket and Package ticket. All tickets need to be ID/Passport verified. All Aero Asia tickets are sold by Zhuhai Airshow Group Co., Ltd, and no agents are authorized.

Applicable Rules and Price

(i).  Standard Ticket:Applicable for all, ¥200/per ticket

(ii). Concession Ticket: Applicable for aged 6-18years old (born between 11/23/2005 -11/23/2017), aged over 60 and above (born before 11/23/1963), 100/per ticket.

(iii). Package Ticket: Standard ticket + Zhuhai Aerospace Land, 220/per ticket

Concession ticket: Concession ticket + Zhuhai Aerospace Land, 120/per ticket


Deadline for ticket salesUntil the day before the designated date of the ticket (e.g. tickets for 23 Nov 2023 can be ordered until 23:59 on 22 Nov 2023).


NoticeAERO ASIA 2023 offers free admission for children under 6 years old (born after 23/11/2017) accompanied by an adult (Tickets required for accompaning adults). Children under 6 years old entering Zhuhai Aerospace Land are subject to Zhuhai Aerospace Land free admission policy. For more information, please contact "Zhuhai Aerospace Land”.

Number of Tickets and Sales Channel

AERO ASIA 2023 (November 23-26, 2023), limit of ticket is 10,000 per show day, including 2000 Package Tickets. Visitors are required to purchase tickets in advance for admission at AERO ASIA official website (  No ticket office will be set up on site.  


The official ticketing channel for AERO ASIA

"AERO ASIA" official website (

Ticket Hotline: 0756-3376203

(Working hours: Monday to Friday; 08:30-12:00, 14:30-17:30).

Buy Tickets

Scan the QR code below by Wechat App:


Or sign in here by PC to order your ticket.

Due to technical problems, only Wechat, Alipay and UnionPay are supported at this moment for ticket purchase. If above payment methods are not available, please contact us for temporary solutions. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.