Common Question & Answer


I.  About the content and schedule of performance?

A: Flight performance to be arranged at AERO ASIA 2023, no additional fee require after purchasing AERO ASIA tickets. For actual content and schedule, please visit Wechat official account "AERO ASIA". Due to weather or technical issue, the organizer will adjust the time for flight performance, the actual content and time will be announce on the day.


II. Any Audience Entry  Precautions?

A: 1. Please bring with your valid identification documents same as use for ticket purchasing, including:People's Republic of China Identity Card,  Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents (Home Return Permit), Mainland travel Permit for Taiwan Residents and Foreigner Passport. Children are require to bring with valid ID, for those have not applied for second-generation ID are require to bring Household Registers, Social Security Card or other valid IDs.

2. Security check will be conducted during admission. All visitors shall strictly follow AERO ASIA 2023 Visiting and Admission Security Check 

III. Is it possible to enter the exhibition at any during the 4 days period?

A: All tickets are only valid on the date show on the ticket, tickets are becoming invalid after date. Please base on personal time when purchasing tickets.

IV. What is the difference between the two areas of the Aero Asia Exhibition and Zhuhai Aerospace Land?

A: Aero Asia Exhibition and Aerospace land area are not interchangeable, all visitors are advised to make a reasonable trip during the exhibition. For the transportation information, please follow Wechat official account AERO ASIA.

V. How to confirm ticket information after purchasing ticket?

A: After purchasing ticket, visitors could verify their ticket number by using Ticket authenticity Checkfunction on Wechat Mini programme Zhuhai Airshow to see your result.

VI. How to refund or exchange tickets?

A: Please see Ticket Information Part C Refund Policy

VII. How to get an invoice?

A: Please see Ticket InformationPart D Invoice

VIII. How to arrange transportation during Aero Asia show days?

A: During the exhibition, there is a designated parking lot for audiences vehicles. Audience could drive or take public transport to the exhibition. Taking public transport is highly recommended by the organizer, for detail transportation guideline, please follow Wechat official account AERO ASIA